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Total Beard Grooming Kit (9888)


The 9888 Total Beard Grooming Kit is designed for trimming facial hair, whether you prefer stubble or a full beard.

Stainless Steel Advanced


"The Stainless Steel Advanced is the showpiece of Wahl’s trimmer range: a cordless lithium-ion trimmer for the whole body.

Stainless Steel


The Stainless Steel is the showpiece of Wahl’s trimmer range: a cordless lithium-ion trimmer for the whole body.

Aqua Groom


The Aqua Groom is the first fully showerproof trimmer to enter our assortment suitable for top-to-toe grooming. Enjoy ultimate power and precision, even in the shower.

Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit (9888)


The 9888 Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit takes trimming one step further.

Multi-Purpose Grooming Kit (9854)


An elegant and classic rechargeable lithium-ion trimmer, made in Europe. Thanks to its lithium-ion technology, this trimmer will run for 180 minutes with a fully charged battery.

GroomsMan Body


The GroomsMan Body is a complete care kit for the whole body, including attachments for the beard, precision trimming and a single foil shaver.

GroomsMan Pro


One trimmer for the whole body, that is the GroomsMan Pro. With its 4 different attachments this trimmer can trim, shave or retouch your beard and remove unwanted ear and nose hair.

GroomsMan All-In-One


This trimmer is the all-in-one solution for anyone looking for a device that can both trim and shave. The rechargeable battery is good for up to 80 minutes of cordless trimming and shaving.

GroomsMan All-In-One Battery


Complete care for the whole body. The GroomsMan Battery All-in-one is a beard trimmer, precision trimmer and shaver in one.

Mustache & Beard Combo


The Mustache & Beard is a compact and lightweight beard trimmer, making it very portable. The Mustache & Beard Combo features a bonus ear and nose trimmer, offering an extra advantage: