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Horse clipper with battery pack | The all-rounder for easy clipping work!
  • External battery pack (NiMH) with up to 200 min runtime and 80 min quick charging time thanks to an improved charger with higher energy-efficiency inclusive practical carrying belt for more freedom of movement.
  • Extra wide chrome-plated diamond-ground stainless steel blade set Made in Germany with 2.3 mm cutting length and excellent gliding properties for effortless, precision clipping.
  • The blade set can be unhinged with a single movement for easy changing and cleaning comfort.
  • Convenient design and low weight enable wrist-friendly working.
  • Robust DC motor with 3,000 RPM with smooth running and excellent noise reduction constant. Particularly suitable for sensitive horses.

Weitere Informationen
Item bar code EAN4015110032038
Item FG BrandWahl
Aufladezeit80 min
Schnittlänge2,3 mm
EnergietypBattery pack
Schnittbreite67 mm
Laufzeitbis zu 200 min
Stromspannung100 - 240 V
Blade setArt. 1245-7480, Professional Blade
Gewichtca. 580 g (mit Schneidsatz und Kabel)